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gift token in1 has partners all over the world. our reach extends across six out of seven continents. by purchasing a token, so can yours.

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how it works…

everybody loves an adventure. but when it comes to gifting a hotel stay, a dinner, a spa package, or a thrilling experience, we’re none of us mind readers.

purchasing a gift voucher locks the recipient into redeeming at a specified place, whether it’s their style or not. making that decision on their behalf can be difficult and occasionally, the thoughtful gift goes unredeemed should the buyer miss the mark.

what if, instead of choosing the voucher for them, you gifted a token which they could exchange for an experience that truly appeals to them?

that’s what gift token in1 is all about. flexibility and freedom of choice.

all the variables are left up to the recipient: choosing a voucher to be redeemed when, how, and most importantly, where they see fit!

and given our international partnerships, the lucky recipient could even exchange their token for a voucher in paris, london, or rome. to name but a few.

so much choice, where to begin?

countless international locations to choose from

check out our participating locations! filter by various categories,
including hotels, retailers, and restaurants. from there, you may choose
to narrow your search further and sort by number of stars, type of
retailer, or cuisine. you can also specify country. remember, if you’re
planning a trip, your selection can be for an international provider.

the sky’s the limit!

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